Alaris & Tesch Lawyers received last May the Gold Star of the Institute for Professional Excellence

This national award, joins the Excellence Award in the Mediterranean Arc obtained in 2014. Both awards come for outstanding performance in providing legal advice to companies and for a firm commitment to the implementation of the Win-Win philosophy in seeking legal solutions to its customers.

José Luis Chorro, director of the firm, defends this concept as a doctrine that should be practiced more often in the legal field because “in trade relations between companies, conflicts can often become opportunities for the client or be solved legally saving long, cumbersome and expensive processes. Current circumstances require rethinking the traditional parameters to solve customer problems, reducing uncertainties and risks.”

For practical purposes, this policy, doubly honored, serves to save time and money to their constituents, getting better results than those that could be achieved through a judicial or arbitral contest. “The explanation for why more companies trust us is simple:” says Chorro, “We look for alternative legal solutions.”

Alaris & Tesch born from the merger between Tesch & Rodriguez and ALARIS, two Valencian firms with strong ties to Germany, bound to give rise to a multidisciplinary, multi-lingual and intercultural firm with greater scope in regional and national markets, as well as the relationship of these with German and Anglo-Saxon companies.
The firm, with 25 years of practice, is a reference in Valencia in the banking, agriculture, sports, real estate and insurance, in defense before the courts and advisory branches, including as one of its core values ​​negotiating with foreign investors.