Sports Law

Advice to clubs, federations and athletes

There’s more to sport than Sport Clubs

The two areas of sports law: the federative and administrative

The advice we offer to sports clubs covers both sides, advising clubs under the regulations governing competition and ensuring compliance with all obligations imposed by the Public Administration to these entities.
Our actions include areas as multidisciplinary as incorporating coaches under volunteer regime, professional recruitment, presentation of resources to appeals committees, tax and accounting management of clubs, drafting sponsorship agreements or claims to other clubs for training rights.
We handle issues of civil, labour, federal, administrative, tax and commercial matters, always linked to the sports world.

In this way, the customer is assured that the legal advice and direction of their sports organization is adequate to obtain any success in the competition.

Areas of activity in the field of sports law

  • Labour regime of coaches and athletes
  • Incorporation of coaches under volunteer regime and adaptation to the Law 45/2015, of Volunteering
  • Commercial and tax management of sports entities

If you want a good lawyer to advise both sports clubs and professionals of sport in their participation in the competition, you can count on our lawyers.
We cover all areas: tax and accounting, federal, labor…
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