Law Fields

Real State Law

Promotion of urban planning

Dealing and Recruitment

Property Management

Tax treatment

Registry Entries


Our experience covers the full scope of real estate, from the promotion of urban planning to dealing sales and purchases, through property management, tax treatment, registration entries, etc…
We advise regarding financing as well as oversee the drafting of contracts.

Business Law

Fiscal and Accounting Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Commercial Contracting


Merchant Management and Trusteeship

Arrangement with creditors


We accompany your company from inception to success, advising on the commercial, financial, fiscal and taxation.
More than ten Spanish, British, German and Swiss companies rely on our professionals.

We advise both sports clubs and professionals of sport in their participation in the competition covering all areas: tax and accounting, federal, labour, tax…

Recruiting associations

Volunteering Management

Special labour relations in the sports field

Federative and training rights


Clubs Management

Banking Law

Our services are offered by professionals with great knowledge of the financial sector, advising based on the rules to banks, financial institutions and investment services companies.


Loans and Refinancing

Preference Shares


Agricultural Law

Our professionals have extensive experience in the agricultural and food sector, with experience in the whole chain of production and distribution industry.


Land Consolidation

Lease, sublease and sale of rural properties

Legal consultancy to farm businesses

Legal consultancy on water

Procedural Law

Legal Defence


Economic Criminal Law

Tax Office Requirements

Tax Inspections


We assume legal representation and defense of individuals and businesses to enforce their rights in the court and out-of-court areas.